IT Outsourcing

At Sparkish, we believe in keeping things simple. We’re focussed on the needs of dynamic mid-market businesses that want the freedom to flex strategically without the constraints of IT. To deliver this, we provide completely flexible outsourcing to our customers. We don’t dictate. Every business is different. Whatever stage your business is at, outsourcing is the way we cut through the complexity of IT and make it simple.

By listening first, advising second, we deliver services shaped carefully around your ever-changing business ambitions. We work to your comfort levels; we can take responsibility for some, or all, of your business IT, and deliver an IT strategy that flexes at your own pace. We deliver our services however, whenever, at whatever level feels right for you – on-site, off-site, with your team or without them.


Why outsource your IT?

IT outsourcing creates value across all parts of your business, minimises risk and enhances your competitive footing in uncertain markets. Outsourcing improves the following elements of your business:

1. Financial:

  • Stabilised, predictable monthly costs
  • Streamlined, cost-efficient processes
  • Risk minimised

2. Processes and applications:

  • Standardised integrated IT and business processes
  • Highest security processes
  • Agility to respond fast to market developments

3. Outcomes-based measurement:

We measure our outsourced IT services against our customers' objectives. We use our customer-focussed metrics to regularly measure the ROI of your IT investment against whatever outcomes realise value for your business – allowing you to translate our services into a tangible and measureable asset.


Our Service

1. IT Infrastructure

We offer a suite of 'bolt-on' services that enable us to provide a more proactive service to your business. We are able to manage and monitor all or part of your IT infrastructure helping you to improve availability and reduce risk of downtime. As your environment grows and becomes more complex, the need for additional skills in your team becomes greater. Our team can enhance your capabilities to deliver a critical platform to your business.

2. IT networking

Networking is the foundation of every IT service. The demand for a fast reliable network is now a basic expectation. These new standards are a driving force, encouraging the continuing trend towards remote working, business expansion and the move towards internet-based, value-generating services.

3. IT Security

As demand grows for accessible, efficient and mobile IT working, the problem of business security increases exponentially. Tablet devices and smart technology have permanently changed the way we expect to work, but addressing the risks they pose must become a priority, and fast. Threats need to be truly understood, policies updated and tools deployed to protect corporate data.